Back home…

Hello I am back home after the most fantastic holiday EVER. I have travelled the world and lived in London, Paris and Washington DC. I have seen some of the most amazing cities lit up at night Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok among them and I have experienced bizarre places where I was the only white westerner (China), I have to say experiencing the wildlife in Swaziland and South Africa was just mind blowing. I just loved every minute of the place.

I saw the big five and a few of the little five too, went to a glass factory where I bought a few lovely things for my kitchen. Getting up at 4am each morning to go on game drives did leave me knackered but I just loved the whole experience. I visited Swartkrans and Maropong sites of the famous hominid finds. Kruger National Park was 107degrees in the shade and now I am home where it is cold and damp but my bones still feel warm from the sun and I revisit the place in my mind. We found the biggest used bookstore in the Southern Hemisphere and browsed, and visited the brilliant Origins Centre at Wits University. I fought the Indian Ocean breakers to swim in the sea and lay on beautiful white sand beaches. It was fantastic… sigh…

12 193



I took well over 1000 photos.

Back to the fitness campaign. I managed to gain only a mere 1lb on my trip which was amazing given the huge breakfasts I enjoyed. I did skip dinner a few times as I was too hot to eat.

It is Sunday tomorrow so I am going to nip over to the gym to resume my fitness regime. I am going to take it easy and do my cardio and weights. I am looking forward to it. x


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