Back to the gym…

I have read a few of the regular blogs today and there are a fair few issues with motivation. This makes me feel a little relieved to know hardcore, successful weight-losers also have times when they find it difficult to get out and workout. I managed to get over to the gym today for my 30 minutes of cardio and also a full weights session not just a mini. I do feel much better but I have been off my food the past few days preferring to go for something quick, easy and packaged. I don’t want to stay there too long. I have raw carrots to nibble on in work. I find eating them helps me get rid of water retention.

I was lying in bed last night and scratched myself on my side. I felt a lump. I went into a  mad cold sweat. After thinking for a few moments I turned over to see if I had a lump on the other side and I did. After thinking for a few moments I realised the lump was actually my lower rib. OH MY GOD!!!! I can feel my lower ribs. How funny was that? It left me thinking about how much my body shape and size is changing but the number on the scales is moving painfully slowly. When I rationalised it I thought about how much the hard work at the gym I am putting into developing muscle which is the furnace for my metabolism. When the scales don’t move I just think about working on my furnace and I know at some point the ratio will even out and move to burn the fat. Just have to be patient.

Its almost the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to do my cardio session, a weights session and follow it with a swim. I am going to increase my distance in the pool too. I have a load of unused veggies in the fridge that I am going to make soup or chilli from. Sunday I have my dive lecture day so on Saturday I am going to weigh-in as usual but also do my measurements. x


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