Desperate for tea…

I ran out of tea bags last night. I thought ‘should I go out now to the  late night shop and buy some foblog 008r the morning or should I go in the morning?’. I woke up needing tea so I dug out a used one from yesterday and re-used it. I am all for recycling and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could have been. It’s ok though as I hadn’t put it in the bin. I am, however, going to get dressed in a few minutes and nip out to the shop for a box of them. I drink Earl Grey tea as it is gorgeous much nicer than the usual brew.

I was going to take my measurements today to have an update on my stats. I decided against it as I am bloated due to TOTM. I suffered an hour of turmoil yesterday. Woke up and weighed myself. Was rather annoyed I had lost 1lb after the gym time I had put in but then relaxed and decided it was still a loss and I was going the right direction. I nipped out to the shop for my groceries and despite making a list I forgot teabags and plastic bags (to take on my trip). I managed to remember to buy wax strips for my armpits despite them not being on the list. When I had unpacked the groceries I realised the Curse (TOTM) had hit and I felt utter horror and jubilation at exactly the same time. Utter horror at the thought I had diving pool training on Tuesday and I would not be in the clear by Tuesday and jubilation at the thought I was retaining water and so my weigh-in that morning had been inaccurate and I may have lost a little more. Pool training is either Tuesday or Wednesday each week. I thought I may be in the clear on Wednesday so I emailed the instructor to ask if I could join the Wednesday group. Imagine my happiness half an hour later when I receive an email to say the pool training is cancelled next week….wooooo. I could be jubilant that a. my weight-loss may have been greater, b. I will not miss any pool time with the diving club and c. I won’t be worried on holiday as (hopefully) the Curse will be well over by the time I go away.

My goals for next week are:

  1. Pilates class on Monday
  2. daily 30Cardio
  3. cook a new dish (I am not saying which one)
  4. eat healthily
  5. plan my dinners
  6. drink my allotted water each day
  7. change weigh day to Sunday

I have decided not to aim at a weight-loss goal as I just want that to be a consequence of my healthy eating and exercise. I also decided to change weigh-day to Sunday as I am eating out of control when I think it has no consequence. It will be tough but I am going to try it.

Had a long soak in the tub tonight and exfoliated every bit of skin I could find and while still warm I slapped on body moisturiser so I feel warm and soft at the moment. My leg definition is improving and so is my skin condition.

blog 007

Bought tea bags and had a lovely hot cuppa.


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