I Failed…

Well I failed…to gain weight last week. How odd it feels looking at it from the other side of the scale. Not only did I fail to gain weight but I succeeded in losing another 1lb. It is moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. People say losing 2lb a week is the best rate to lose it at but I am finding that almost unachievable. I know it is difficult to lose weight post 40 years of age but this has been so difficult. I was aiming at 2lb per week but may have to revise that downward so I don’t become dismally disappointed. In fact I am considering removing weight loss from my goals altogether and just expecting it as a consequence of striving to be healthier. I will continue to get weighed weekly on a Saturday morning as I need to make sure I don’t fall back to gaining weight. I know I would do if I was no longer accountable to myself.

Going to make bean burgers today and have a little chocolate too. x


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