October to me signifies a few things.

  1. its a new month so lots of goals to think about
  2. it is the month in my family where EVERYBODY decides to have a birthday
  3. its the month I take off to South Africa for 3 weeks
  4. 1st October is the anniversary of my little boy’s death. This year is the first anniversary

I am travelling a road taking experiences as they come and growing from them. It can be a struggle a huge one at that but I think I am starting to come out to an even keel.

The sky tonight is a beautiful blue streaked with pink. If there is no rain and its a bright day tomorrow I may hazard a trip out on my bike. I fancied a trip to the pine woods which is also a red squirrel reserve. I have lots to do so will have to see.

I have been thinking about what I would like out of October. I have a trip to South Africa to enjoy I will be quite active so should be ok. Otherwise I am going to work toward the following:

    · To lose 8lbs this month taking me to 13stone 4lb.

    · Continue with my daily 30.

    · Swim before work 4 times minimum.

    · Cook 4 new dishes.

    · Add more whole grains to my diet.

  If I lose 8lb I will be happy, if I lose more then I will be very happy but if I end up on another plateau then I will just be very annoyed. I have a now motivation – I need to look good in a wetsuit. I will continue breaking up the monthly goals into weekly ones as smaller is easier for me. I will discuss last weeks goals on Sunday but I have managed to stick to healthy habit forming thinking and it is becoming a bit more ingrained as it is at the front of my mind when I see unhealthy food, thoughts and activity (or lack of) which is a bit of a breakthrough for me really. x


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary (A Merry Life)
    Oct 02, 2010 @ 03:42:56

    Oh, I’m so sorry about the last thing on that list. I’m sending you good thoughts.

    Good luck with your goals for the month!


    • Chuck Cornwell
      Oct 02, 2010 @ 09:32:23

      Thank you Mary. I decided to nip over to the gym as I find exercise helps me to think. I was coming out thinking about how last year we lit Chinese lanterns for him to take our best wishes and protection into the spiritual world. Last night coming round the corner from the gym (I live next door to it) to go home I was thinking about the lanterns and looked toward the beach where we set them off (I also live next door to that) and there was a Chinese lantern just launched into the sky. I grinned like a crazy grinning thing.
      Good luck hunni with your dreams. You are a pretty girl and your beau is a beauty. x


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