Back home…

Hello I am back home after the most fantastic holiday EVER. I have travelled the world and lived in London, Paris and Washington DC. I have seen some of the most amazing cities lit up at night Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok among them and I have experienced bizarre places where I was the only white westerner (China), I have to say experiencing the wildlife in Swaziland and South Africa was just mind blowing. I just loved every minute of the place.

I saw the big five and a few of the little five too, went to a glass factory where I bought a few lovely things for my kitchen. Getting up at 4am each morning to go on game drives did leave me knackered but I just loved the whole experience. I visited Swartkrans and Maropong sites of the famous hominid finds. Kruger National Park was 107degrees in the shade and now I am home where it is cold and damp but my bones still feel warm from the sun and I revisit the place in my mind. We found the biggest used bookstore in the Southern Hemisphere and browsed, and visited the brilliant Origins Centre at Wits University. I fought the Indian Ocean breakers to swim in the sea and lay on beautiful white sand beaches. It was fantastic… sigh…

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I took well over 1000 photos.

Back to the fitness campaign. I managed to gain only a mere 1lb on my trip which was amazing given the huge breakfasts I enjoyed. I did skip dinner a few times as I was too hot to eat.

It is Sunday tomorrow so I am going to nip over to the gym to resume my fitness regime. I am going to take it easy and do my cardio and weights. I am looking forward to it. x


Saturday morning stats…

well I dropped another pound last week. Weight-loss is no longer my primary goal. I am hoping it will come as part of eating healthy and being more active. I will continue to record it as I know if I stop getting weighed it is an excuse for me to go backwards. I measured myself today too and since January I have lost 25lb, 7.2% bodyfat, 4 BMI points, and a whopping 27.5 inches lost from my body size. I am quite happy at that.

I am off on my holidays next week so I am putting all my activities on hold until I come back. I am going to make a pan of soup with the veggies I have left in the fridge later today and I can have that for the next few days.

diving tomorrow…x

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Back to the gym…

I have read a few of the regular blogs today and there are a fair few issues with motivation. This makes me feel a little relieved to know hardcore, successful weight-losers also have times when they find it difficult to get out and workout. I managed to get over to the gym today for my 30 minutes of cardio and also a full weights session not just a mini. I do feel much better but I have been off my food the past few days preferring to go for something quick, easy and packaged. I don’t want to stay there too long. I have raw carrots to nibble on in work. I find eating them helps me get rid of water retention.

I was lying in bed last night and scratched myself on my side. I felt a lump. I went into a  mad cold sweat. After thinking for a few moments I turned over to see if I had a lump on the other side and I did. After thinking for a few moments I realised the lump was actually my lower rib. OH MY GOD!!!! I can feel my lower ribs. How funny was that? It left me thinking about how much my body shape and size is changing but the number on the scales is moving painfully slowly. When I rationalised it I thought about how much the hard work at the gym I am putting into developing muscle which is the furnace for my metabolism. When the scales don’t move I just think about working on my furnace and I know at some point the ratio will even out and move to burn the fat. Just have to be patient.

Its almost the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to do my cardio session, a weights session and follow it with a swim. I am going to increase my distance in the pool too. I have a load of unused veggies in the fridge that I am going to make soup or chilli from. Sunday I have my dive lecture day so on Saturday I am going to weigh-in as usual but also do my measurements. x

Felt like a long day…

wow it really did feel like a long day today. I have so much to do before the weekend. I have a training event in London to organise the tickets and hotel for it is the week after I come back from South Africa. I also have to collect my anti-malarial meds tomorrow and do some shopping this weekend before packing. I have a whole lecture day on Sunday for the diving course and a pool session on Tuesday.

I was so shattered after work today I never made it to the gym just had a day off. Had baked potato and beans again. I have stir fry for tomorrow. I need to increase my veg intake so I have started nibbling on carrots in work. May just take a salad in tomorrow. I really need some energy and milk. x

Happy Tuesday…

I managed to get to the gym on Monday for my 30minute cardio, mini weights and Pilates class. Tonight I dashed home from work, threw a potato on a skewer and into the oven to bake while I nipped back over to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and another mini weights. I am planning on increasing my weights. The baked potato was perfect when I came home and I had it with garlic butter and baked beans. I had a bowl of homemade raspberry yogurt afterward.

Yesterday while I was in the gym there was an uber annoying guy on the treadmill. He was running and kept calling out ‘keep going’, ‘you can do it’, ‘woop woop’. He was so annoying and he was irritating other people in the gym. Every few minutes he would raise his hands to the sky. I am definitely going to avoid going in when he is there again. On the cross trainer beside him was a rather large man. Mr Irritating was wearing grey t-shirt and joggers as was X-Trainer man. Mr Irritating was soaked through with a mixture of sweat and water (he kept squirting his head with water). I was on the bike on the row behind them both and I was watching the sweat on both their backs. Mr Irritating was drenched and Mr X-Trainer had this tiny little growing flower petal of sweat. X-trainer was clearly struggling and quite overweight but I was was there with him, Irritating was clearly a runner and was not struggling at all.

I think since I have been on my quest I have begun to look at different bodies both male and female more with a realisation of the effort that is put into maintaining them than anything. People at the gym make the effort to go to the gym and work out. They look after themselves and I am now one of those people. x

Desperate for tea…

I ran out of tea bags last night. I thought ‘should I go out now to the  late night shop and buy some foblog 008r the morning or should I go in the morning?’. I woke up needing tea so I dug out a used one from yesterday and re-used it. I am all for recycling and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could have been. It’s ok though as I hadn’t put it in the bin. I am, however, going to get dressed in a few minutes and nip out to the shop for a box of them. I drink Earl Grey tea as it is gorgeous much nicer than the usual brew.

I was going to take my measurements today to have an update on my stats. I decided against it as I am bloated due to TOTM. I suffered an hour of turmoil yesterday. Woke up and weighed myself. Was rather annoyed I had lost 1lb after the gym time I had put in but then relaxed and decided it was still a loss and I was going the right direction. I nipped out to the shop for my groceries and despite making a list I forgot teabags and plastic bags (to take on my trip). I managed to remember to buy wax strips for my armpits despite them not being on the list. When I had unpacked the groceries I realised the Curse (TOTM) had hit and I felt utter horror and jubilation at exactly the same time. Utter horror at the thought I had diving pool training on Tuesday and I would not be in the clear by Tuesday and jubilation at the thought I was retaining water and so my weigh-in that morning had been inaccurate and I may have lost a little more. Pool training is either Tuesday or Wednesday each week. I thought I may be in the clear on Wednesday so I emailed the instructor to ask if I could join the Wednesday group. Imagine my happiness half an hour later when I receive an email to say the pool training is cancelled next week….wooooo. I could be jubilant that a. my weight-loss may have been greater, b. I will not miss any pool time with the diving club and c. I won’t be worried on holiday as (hopefully) the Curse will be well over by the time I go away.

My goals for next week are:

  1. Pilates class on Monday
  2. daily 30Cardio
  3. cook a new dish (I am not saying which one)
  4. eat healthily
  5. plan my dinners
  6. drink my allotted water each day
  7. change weigh day to Sunday

I have decided not to aim at a weight-loss goal as I just want that to be a consequence of my healthy eating and exercise. I also decided to change weigh-day to Sunday as I am eating out of control when I think it has no consequence. It will be tough but I am going to try it.

Had a long soak in the tub tonight and exfoliated every bit of skin I could find and while still warm I slapped on body moisturiser so I feel warm and soft at the moment. My leg definition is improving and so is my skin condition.

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Bought tea bags and had a lovely hot cuppa.

I Failed…

Well I failed…to gain weight last week. How odd it feels looking at it from the other side of the scale. Not only did I fail to gain weight but I succeeded in losing another 1lb. It is moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. People say losing 2lb a week is the best rate to lose it at but I am finding that almost unachievable. I know it is difficult to lose weight post 40 years of age but this has been so difficult. I was aiming at 2lb per week but may have to revise that downward so I don’t become dismally disappointed. In fact I am considering removing weight loss from my goals altogether and just expecting it as a consequence of striving to be healthier. I will continue to get weighed weekly on a Saturday morning as I need to make sure I don’t fall back to gaining weight. I know I would do if I was no longer accountable to myself.

Going to make bean burgers today and have a little chocolate too. x

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