I’m back…

Oh yeah I am back to work, health and battering the hell out of the cardio machines in the gym. I feel different today like I am getting leaner. I wore a pair of jeans I bought a year ago. They were way too tight and I thought I would just get into them eventually. I tried them on last week and yay they don’t fit. WHAT? THEY DON’T FIT… They are too big. 🙂 I can still wear them for a while get use out of them but I don’t think I will get the year out of them. I wore them to work and quite a few people commented on how much weight I had lost. Will I ever stop lapping up the comments? Well yes actually I will. My goal is to get healthy and when I get there I will stop losing weight. I am not addicted to people complimenting me. I do have quite a way to go.

I managed to get my cardio30 done plus an extra 10 minutes. I burned 300 delightful little calories and then did a full set on the weights machine, thighs, bum, arms and back.  I had chickpeas and rice for dinner. I want to save the bean burgers for the weekend so I can have potato wedges with it. I have all the ingredients.

I have a confession to make. At diving club last night among all the young fit boys and girls I sat waiting to meet the rest of the committee and have a talk on the club and diving. As a mature student and one who is overweight I felt very alone. Strangely I didn’t mind too much my time for undergraduate life came and went many years ago. I am happy to skip the pub and come home. I felt a sudden sense of relief when I spied a woman who was around the same size as me. It wasn’t that I was glad there was another big woman but I was happy I was not going to be alone in my size. I know my size will decrease over time. I am already planning my next stone (14lb). Half of which I hope to lose next month. I am on my holidays then so I may relax it a bit. I have activities planned – mountain biking through Kruger National Park, diving in Gt St Lucia Bay and loads of game walks so I am not going to be lying on some beach absorbing ice cream for two weeks. I will have a sad post tomorrow… goodnight x


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