Imitating a Slug…

well what an absolute crash the gym was today. I think I committed the cardinal sin of exercising too soon after a decent meal. I felt as though I was walking through custard. I had a stomach full of undigested pasta. I managed the 15 minutes on the bike and 6 on the cross trainer. After such a poor performance I thought I would try a session at the weights but only managed a few. I slumped back home feeling rather deflated and a little annoyed with myself. Why the silly reaction? I decided to have the leftover pasta for lunch as I didn’t have any breakfast and tonight I will be home too late to eat it. I have to say it was just as good reheated the next day. Back to my slug-like behaviour. I think a little walk along the beach should be enough for today. I am back at work in the morning. Getting very bored being at home. I have a dive meeting tonight the pool sessions begin next Tuesday. I am going to buy the rest of the ingredients to make the bean burgers tomorrow and have a go. That will be my new meal of the week. I need to fit in a swim before work this week too but I think due to being ill this week I am not going to manage that one. Friday evening is my usual swim date so I will keep to that one. I want to work on swimming the lengths non-stop this time. If I start off with a workout it usually makes me feel energised. I hope this damn bug has gone by then. Off for a stroll along the beach. x


PS. My allotted slot in the bike cage has been assigned so I await my swipe-card in the post. I should be cycling to the train station very soon which means I will be getting home sooner in the evening. Instead of a 15 minute walk it will be a few minutes on my bike.



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