I have just nipped over to the gym for my 30 minutes of cardio. I managed to burn 300 calories too which I am happy about. I have been off work but think I will be back tomorrow as I feel much better. One of the consequences of being ill is weight loss. I managed to drop another pound. Dinner tonight is going to be feta and oregano pasta bake. I have a really tasty recipe that I have tried earlier which I  enjoyed immensely. The sauna and Jacuzzi were calling my name too so I succumbed and feel much more relaxed. In the health suite today there were three younger lads. They were in the steam room when I went for the Jacuzzi and they all came out and came in the Jacuzzi making me feel incredibly self conscious. I waited it out and then dashed out and into the sauna for a few minutes. I feel much better about my body the way it is leaner and less flabby, stronger and more reliable but they made me hate it again but just for a fleeting moment. The sniggering was directed at me I know that. A small victory for me is the fact I never walked away.  I will never walk away any longer unless my life is in danger of course. Life is there for the living. I know in time I will be slim and it will be for myself not for other people.

See my pasta bake on the recipes page… x


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