A British Heart…

Yesterday I went downtown I had to sign up at the University diving club, diving starts next week and I am so excited. It took about 15 minutes to register and pay my money. I had a wander around campus and then made my way home. My favourite street in Liverpool is Bold Street and I walk down it to get to the train station. There was a slight air of carnival yesterday with drumming and events. I caught sight of a huge furry red heart with white legs and dinky little red shoes just making its way through the crowd. It was a British Heart Foundation heart and looked so funny just going about the daily business of a heart among the crowd.

I am off work today ill so I have not done my 30 minutes of cardio. I am planning on marking up for it tomorrow with an hours worth. For my new dish this week I am going to make spicy bean burgers. I have a burger press and found a decent looking recipe. I am going to amend it by swapping the breadcrumbs for a spicy couscous mix a friend of mine made once. She took the couscous and cooked it then added sage and onion stuffing to the mix and baked it on a tray.

I have a dive meeting on Wednesday otherwise the week is all mine to choose when I make them. This week I am being as good as possible to get down another 4lb before my trip to South Africa. I do feel the claws of the monster making themselves known so I may be  I bloated for my next weigh in with water retention.

In England and Wales there is a Government consultation about giving obese people incentives (possibly financial) to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. I am going to keep an eye on that one.

There is definitely an air of Autumn today. It is much colder. I am sat on the couch covered by a blanket. I am determined not to have my heating on until the last possible minute. I can see the clothes getting layered.

Back on track tomorrow. x


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