Onward and downward…

Well I weighed in this morning at 13stone 13lbs (183.8lb) which means I have just managed to shuffle slightly off my plateau. Onward and downward I think. I feel good that I am now a little under 14stone (conversion is 14lb to 1 stone). It is a beautiful bright sunny but cold Saturday morning in Liverpool. My plans for the day are to finish yesterdays dishes and clean my kitchen then make celery soup. I hope it is tasty. Breakfast was lovely this morning and a real treat. I love English muffins.

I am going to nip over to the gym this afternoon to continue with my daily 30minutes. I want to make it a habit. I may not get chance tomorrow as I am out all day.

Have the routine laundry to do and tidy up. I was going to take a trip into town but think I will do it all tomorrow instead. I have to make a holiday list. I love lists.

My thoughts on next weeks goals I would like to achieve:

  1. daily 30. I am going to continue with my 30 minutes of cardio and a few weights sessions.
  2. try a new recipe – maybe butternut lasagne.
  3. eat well all week (habit changing behaviour).
  4. plan my dinners all week (habit changing behaviour).
  5. Swim once before work.
  6. lose 2lb

My local rail network are running a bike scheme at the moment.


They have built secure shelters in most of the stations and for a fee of £5 (for the time it is required so maybe years) a spot is assigned in a secure CCTV monitored cage is available only accessible with a swipe key. I have subscribed to it so I can cycle to the station and home each day. I only live 3 miles away from work (I used to live around the corner but they moved the office) but I have never really wanted to cycle all the way as there is a horrid road full of lorries and huge trucks that I find too stressful to navigate.


Blundellsands rail station.

For your £5 you get a swipe key to open the cage and can choose any of the racks to chain up your bike. In the cage is also a long rack of wire lockers for helmet and such. I have no helmet but as I am cycling to Amsterdam and back next summer for charity I thought I may have to invest in one. I have my eye on a Nutcase helmet and a Polaris cycle shirt to start off my cycling gear.



the shirt comes in blue but I quite like the pink. oh decisions decisions. Maybe I should just get both 🙂

blundellsands4 blundellsands3

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I will let you know what the celery soup was like. x


The soup is in  my recipes section with a few photos I took while cooking it. I managed to find an hour to do my 30 minutes of cardio at the gym burning 300 calories and the weights so have managed to fulfil all my goals set last week. Here is to next week.


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