Prune skin…

I just finished off a gym session tonight with a swim, Jacuzzi and steam bath. My skin is waterlogged and prune-like. I found the swim was effortless which is great. I am going to increase my distance and try working on my technique. I felt like I was really moving in the water gliding thru stroke after stroke. I had a session on the bike, cross trainer, treadmill and weights before I slipped into the pool. After the celery soup tomorrow I will have achieved all the goals I set myself. I am going to take it easy tomorrow and relax a bit but the choices made about food and exercise will be thoughtful and considered.

Have holiday shopping to do this weekend. The University Diving Club meets on Sunday morning and I think I will nip around town after that and start picking up the things I want to take.

I am having English muffins for breakfast tomorrow, fruit and orange juice.

Tomorrow is my usual weigh day. Will I still be on my plateau? I have tried to celebrate it this week, hated it and shouted at it. I want to move away from it now. I think I have been quite good this week with eating and exercise. We shall see. If I am still there I have resigned myself to it and will celebrate and work harder next week. x


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