Happy Thursday…

I have just managed to get my allotted time in at the gym. It was ok but the muscle fraternity quotient was quite high tonight. I stayed in the machine room and did treadmill, cross trainer and bike. I also did a quick stint on the weight machine for upper thigh. I am not too keen on hanging around when there are loads of muscle-bound blokes popping pectorals at each other.

I have started to think about habits that have always thrown me back to the start time after time. One of them was to come home after any exercise session thinking I had ‘earned’ food. I came home tonight and just had a cup of tea and water. I had food there I could have eaten but I just decided to work on that habit and try to break it. I was not hungry it was out of habit I reached for a snack.

I have this dreadful habit of having food in the house that is far less than healthy (usually crisps and biscuits). I think I have to eat it all in succession until the whole lot has gone. I am going to tackle that one too. I think I have to question myself more to break the habits.

So far this week I have managed to attain my goals of eating well and exercising. I need to cook a new meal and I was thinking as I have celery in the fridge I could use it to make celery soup. I buy celery to add to my chilli and I always end up binning it. This time I am determined to use it all up. Save a stalk for my chilli and make soup with the rest. The butternut squash lasagne will have to wait till next week.

My kitchen smells delicious tonight. I am making fresh vanilla ice cream on meringue nests for my work colleagues tomorrow. Tonight I heated up the milk with sugar, vanilla bean paste and a split vanilla pod to dissolve the caster sugar. I will leave it overnight to infuse and cool. At work I am going to whip up a pint of double cream. When it reaches the desired consistency the two liquids are added together and churned in an ice-cream machine. 20-30 minutes later the whole lot is put in an icing bag and piped onto the meringue. I think I will sprinkle each one with chopped strawberries… Sounds nice but I won’t be partaking. I have this damn plateau to climb down from and stuffing fresh ice-cream is not the way down. I am a feeder by nature so I take pleasure in other people’s enjoyment of my food. That will be enough for me. x


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