How do you motivate the unmotivated..?

A few thoughts…

I am suffering now from utter lack of motivation. How do I find the motivation to keep going? I should be celebrating my plateau but I am floundering and secretly hating it. It’s no good saying that the scales don’t matter but I am still at a point in my journey where I need some way of measuring my progress. One thing that did strike me this week has been that I am going to find maintaining much easier when I do get to a weight I am happy with. I have maintained for the past three weeks without ever feeling hungry.

I read an article last night. It was a guy saying that exercise didn’t make a person lose weight. I understand that exercise alone doesn’t make a person lose weight it is a simple mathematical ratio of calories ingested and calories expended. Fewer calories + more exercise = loss of weight. He seemed to write a circular argument repeating all the time that exercise doesn’t make a person thin. I found myself getting angry at first then relaxed a bit and thought about the progress I have made and also that of all the people in the world who lose weight. Articles like his don’t really help.

I smiled at our doctor in work today when he said muscle weighs more than fat. I wanted to point put that 1lb of muscle weighs the same as 1lb of fat so that statement is wholly redundant. Muscle just takes up less space than fat and is much more dense.

I celebrated my plateau today by taking my body to aqua aerobics and enjoyed it. I have managed to exercise each day so far for 30 minutes as I wanted to, I need to buy a butternut squash and make the lasagne this week. I am making fresh vanilla ice cream for my colleagues in work on Friday. I probably won’t eat any myself.

Thursday tomorrow and I am going to cook up some celery soup for dinner. I am having lunch out and plan on having a baked potato. Friday after work I am meeting up with a friend I have not seen for 14 years so not sure what I am going to do for dinner. x


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