Celebrating my plateau…

I whined to just about everybody this week about the Plateau I am sitting on at the moment. A very good friend of mine suggested I celebrate my plateau as I am not gaining weight and to think of 10 things that I can use other than the scale to mark my progress. Tough call that Linda but here goes…

  1. I can’t feel my belly sitting on my lap any longer
  2. the tape measure tells me I have lost 25inches so far 10 of those off my hips
  3. the comments people make
  4. my clothes no longer fit
  5. my fitness has increased
  6. I am happier
  7. the joint pain has almost completely gone
  8. I have energy
  9. my skin condition has improved
  10. I can look at my face in the mirror

Wow I did it. I can think of more too. Thanks Linda.

I had a gorgeous stir fry for dinner followed by home made yogurt and fresh figs. I love figs they feel so gentle which is a weird thing to say I know. I am feeling more committed and happier today. I feel as if I am going to move from my plateau continue with my progress. My Wii challenge finishes today so I am going to do that now and then think about how I will continue with it. x


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