Yesterday I enjoyed sugar. It was in the late evening just before retiring to bed. The tub full of deliciously hot water I attacked the dry skin on my thighs with a sugar scrub from Lush. It was fantastic. I wore exfoliating gloves and really scrubbed at myself. I did my thighs, calves, upper and lower arms and hips. I was sitting on the side of the tub with my feet in the water. When I was satisfied I had done a decent job I slipped into the hot water and rinsed all the dead skin and sugar off. It was the best way I have ever had sugar. I can see a future with the sugar scrub in my life. My skin was ‘pinging’ and so soft.

My cupboard was bare so to the shops this afternoon in my lunch break. I discovered Heinz had brought out baked beans in a new format and I bought into it. Well worth it I don’t feel I have to eat the whole can now I can budget my portions. I had some tonight with a perfectly baked potato.

beans1  beans2

the handy little section on the back is helpful too.


To finish off I had home made mango yogurt with fresh fig.


It was very tasty. Now I am off to the gym for my Pilates session. I may have a quick session on the bike too.


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