I half heartedly began this blog in January 2009. Last night I was reflecting back on why I started it and who it was for. I have been treating it like an online personal diary and in the last few months have become more and more serious about losing weight so have been more open to putting my ideas and thoughts out there. After reading some really amazing stories from other people’s blogs I am ready to put my blog out there. I am hoping to hear what you all think about my journey and maybe help me with some of my problems in getting stuck on The Plateau AGAIN… I have bookmarked a few other people’s blogs that I love and read daily including I love this lady she is beautiful and funny and has an adorable little guy. I also have been enjoying They are both amazing women. I am excitedly thinking about developing my own blog maybe for my trip next month. I helps me become accountable to let you all know how I am getting on.

More reflections on my journey so far…


Weight Jan 2010 Weight today total lost
222.6lb (15st 9lb) 196lb (14st) 26.6lb


I have a few before photos too but they will have to wait. I have to admit I did gain about 7lb in the summer before I really started seriously losing again. I took measurements of my body before I started in January.

Measurements Inches/cm January
September 2010 Number inches/cm lost
Bust/chest 47/119.3 43/109 4/10
Waist 41/104 36/91.4 5/12.6
Hips 50/126.9 41/104 9/22.8
Upper thigh 27/68.5 23/58.4 4/10
Calf 17/43 16/40.6 1/2.5
Upper arm 13.5/34.2 12/30.4 1.5/3.8
total lost     24.5/62.2
I will collate all this data into a page of its very own. I am really happy to see the numbers go down on the tape measure more so than the scale as I can physically feel it in my clothes and in the flab I can grab.
The rest of my day…well I am off to the Gym in an hour for a session on the bike, cross trainer and weights. When I come home it will be time to plan my meals for the week and write my shopping list. x

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