I was visited today by a friend from DC. He is on his way back to London now to continue with his vacation. We walked from 12:15 till 5:30 so I feel pretty knackered. I picked up a few bits of shopping on the way home and thought about the next two weeks that I am going to work on moving from my plateau.

I have a class at the gym tomorrow and I am going to have a session on the bike and cross trainer. Its going to be simple healthy food for the next fortnight. I quite like the idea of making a butternut squash lasagne with goats cheese. I had it at the restaurant last week  and it was delicious. I don’t like much food and have never eaten a burger, pizza, fish or seafood. I have been a vegetarian for all of my life but when I find a food I do like I adore it. I found the butternut squash to be a favourite. I need to try more veggies and cook more. I love whole grains and whole food and I want to embrace them more in my eating. To fuel my body and energy with grains, seeds and nuts little powerhouses. I want to keep off the stodgy empty rubbish that makes me feel slow, bloated and unhappy.

Goals for next week

  1. eat well with plenty of veg and fruit
  2. minimum 30 mins exercise each day
  3. cook one new dish this week (butternut lasagne)
  4. plan my dinners for the week

Not too much to think about but that works for me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x


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