Thankfully it is the weekend. My friend from USA is visiting tomorrow. I am taking him to the Everyman for lunch and showing him around Liverpool. A few weeks till my big trip to South Africa so I am going to work really hard and get UNDER 14 bloody stone. I have been here for three weeks now and I am getting pretty annoyed. I am eating ok, exercising and trying to look after myself but I have hit this damn plateau again. It happened a few months ago and then suddenly whoosh I dropped 9lb in two weeks. I would dearly like to have lost 2 stone by the end of the month which means I have 4lb to lose. I have planned my food and I am going to give it 100% (as a scientist I know there is nothing bigger than 100% so that is a serious commitment).

On a lighter note I applied for my dream job today. I came home from work and finished my application then tweaked it and polished it. Emailed it to the place and then went on the beach for a walk. I didn’t go swimming tonight. If I wake early enough in the morning then I will nip over to the gym and have a Jacuzzi and steam bath.

I need to start planning what to take on my holiday. I have to see my doctor and get a prescription for anti malarial meds soon. I love lists so I am going to treat myself to a list making session on Sunday.

I have a busy weekend next weekend too as my friend is over from Cyprus. I have not seen her in around 14 years and I am really looking forward to it. The diving society meets on Sunday too so I am excited about that.

Going to do my Wii workout and then have an early night…


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