a non week…

well my non-day turned into an entire non-week. I have been struggling to fill out an application form. I am so lazy I always leave it till the last possible minute. Well I have until Midnight on Friday to email it. Forensic pathology and wouldn’t I just LOVE that. I have decided I am going to finish the application tonight and then tweak it tomorrow. I think I am in for a long night though I do only have ‘sell yourself’ section to do.

The weather has been uber stormy these last few days. I nipped over to the beach after work and took this photo…

stormy beach

It was so atmospheric.

I love the beach I am so lucky to live right on the coast.



For dinner tonight I had Mediterranean risotto. I am getting back on the wagon. Just missed two of my Wii sessions. Not been to the gym this week. I have a friend from USA coming to visit on Saturday and the university sports clubs starts up again next Sunday so I will be diving again…yay. I do feel bloated at the moment. I need to plan and buy for the food I plan. Realising just how easy it is to regain weight is always at the back of my mind.


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