mmmmmm Garlic…

I went out for dinner last night with friends. I had garlic bread for starter, butternut squash and goats cheese lasagne for my main and dessert was caramel apple crumble pie with a great dollop of vanilla ice-cream. I have to say it was gorgeous and has inspired me to have a go at my own lasagne maybe over the weekend. I am going to cook it with butternut squash and lentils. I will let you know how it goes. I have a pretty busy weekend with a friend coming over on Friday to go swimming and stay the night, another friend I have not seen in 15 years is coming over from Cyprus where she has been living. Next weekend I have a friend visiting from America and the university diving season starts again. I need to keep an eye on what I eat and make healthy choices.  I had bran for breakfast but forgot to take my lunch in so just had a cup of earl grey tea. I came home and had potato wedges and fish-less fingers, jelly and yogurt and polished off the large pot. I need to rein in the eating it can quickly get out of hand. I have felt ‘bunged up’ all day. I need more veggies. I have sushi for lunch tomorrow and lentil soup for dinner.

I did my Wii 30 day challenge tonight I was sweating. I love it. I live along the coast which gets horrendous winds off the Irish sea. I have not had a chance to get out and go for a walk tonight as the wind is raging. I wanted to go to Aqua Jog tonight but my plans were foiled when I rang up the gym they are all booked up tonight. I am going to aqua aerobics though tomorrow. I may sign up for next weeks class. It looked such fun last week.

Going to hit the hey…


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