I had a bit of a non-day yesterday. After my weight staying the same again I went to the shop and bought a loaf of extra thick white bread, 2 bags of crisps (potato chips), a Mars bar duo (which is 2 bars) and a tube of fruit pastilles (candy). I guzzled the lot (aside from the bread) in one go and my did I regret it? I had potato wedges and veggie sausages too for dinner. The remainder of the day and even when I was in bed my stomach felt like there was a lead weight in there. It was not hiding either it was making itself known all night. I went to bed early to try and get rid of it. Woke up this morning feeling extremely sluggish and in my gym class my balance was gone, I felt I had no energy at all and I just wanted to go home. That said I did manage to finish the class and went for a Jacuzzi and steam bath so started to feel better.

I found myself craving decent food after the non-day which is something that has NEVER happened to me. I think I am going to limit my chocolate intake to monthly. The last three weeks I have treated myself and each time I have regretted it after feeling sick and sluggish. I still have a headache I need to pack in the bread for good. It makes me feel bloated. The feelings come on so quickly too so I have no doubt in my mind it is the greasy stodgy food. It is also completely empty calories. There is no benefit in eating white bread at all.

My plan for next week:

  1. to exercise 30 minutes each day minimum, attend aqua jog and aqua aerobics.
  2. plan my food for the week and stick to it.
  3. lose 3lb.
  4. affirmations every day.

I am making lentil and tomato soup today for dinner and perhaps a smaller portion for lunch tomorrow. I have tomatoes from my garden to use up. Lots of good things for my body to use up.


the ingredients for my soup which is simmering away nicely. Lentils, onion, garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes, vegetable stock, hot paprika, ground black pepper and water. It smells gorgeous.



It tasted delicious. I made strawberry jelly (jello) and yogurt for dessert.









I also managed to get a session on my Wii active personal trainer program. I am over halfway through the 30 day challenge.




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