How utterly frustrating. I stayed the same this morning when I stepped on the scale. I remain 14 stone (196lb). I feel deflated as I just so want to be under 14 stone. I am not going to let it all collapse. I will continue with my healthy eating and regular exercise and hope it is a short term plateau I have hit. Tomorrow I am going to have a session in the health suite at my gym. The steam room and Jacuzzi followed by a class of Legs, Bums and Tums with Paula which I love. To try and dull the frustration I decided to have a sneaky measure of my old bod. I have managed to lose 7.5 inches since last month. In total I have reduced my body by 25 inches since January and of those 10 inches have come off my hips. So I have some glimmer of positivity to hang onto. I have a goal I want to achieve. In four weeks time I will be off to sunny South Africa (before you think about breaking into my house I have two big teenagers and big ferocious doggie minding the house. I also live in a very nosey neighbourhood with a high net twitching quotient). I am setting myself a goal of losing 8lb in the next four weeks by continuing with planning my food weekly and sticking to my exercise routine. I need to get past this plateau and get the weight loss started again.

Looking further ahead I have started a ‘belly fund’. I have started saving £50 per month to pay toward a tummy tuck. My plan is to continue to lose the weight, get fit and develop a strong muscular body. I am going to give myself 18 months to do this then look at how much loose skin I have. I should have enough money if I continue to add to my belly fund whenever I can. It is just something I have been thinking about. I have a fairly decent relationship with my body so if I am happy with the skin I will probably leave it.

This morning in the bathroom I caught a glimpse of my face and realised it is changing in shape. My cheek bones which are high have begun to show some definition and my double chin is seriously on the decline. I am considering putting my ‘Before’ photos on my site. When I have lost 2 stone (28lb) I am going to take some more and compare myself. I am feeling brighter today. Each day at a time. x


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