I am just back from a trip to the gym. I did 30 minutes on the bike burning 225 calories and then a quick session on the weights. There is a viewing gallery in the weights room with a view of the pool. I watched tonight as the aqua jog class was in full swing. I simply have to try that next week it looked fabulous. I am still hammering the Wii 30 day challenge. I did it tonight and burned 187 calories…wooooo. I just can’t get the hang of the tennis though.

Breakfast I had bran crunch, lunch was a tofu salad and dinner was mixed bean chilli with wholemeal rice. I snacked on Scandinavian Bran crisp too so I have managed to have a fairly good day with food.

I am suffering with shin splints tonight as I ran the length of the road to catch the train to work this morning. I am feeling positive today but life still feels like a struggle. My plan for the rest of the week

  1. continue to eat healthily
  2. continue with Wii 30 day challenge
  3. gym session -Wednesday
  4. swimming – Friday
  5. DAY OFF but eat well Saturday – weigh day
  6. A class at the gym in the morning -Sunday

I have to start thinking about training for my cycling trip ‘York to Amsterdam’ next summer.


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