Well I weighed in yesterday at 14 stone which is 196lb. I am so excited about the fact that I will probably be under 14 stone next week. I have not been there for about 3 years.

I have taken an interest in other people’s blogs and have found some really good tips and hints. I love reading about you all out there and imagine how much a lighter earth this is for all your efforts.


This gorgeous raw vegetable assortment went on to make a pan of soup that kept me going for three days. The mini plum tomatoes are home grown. It was so tasty I looked forward to eating each day.


Lunch had been a tofu salad and breakfast crispy bran with cherries, strawberries and blueberries. I also made my own Greek yogurt which was gorgeous.  008

My exercise this weekend has been a class at the gym this morning for 45 minutes which was great. I think my technique is coming along and the instructor is fabulous, very funny which makes a huge difference. I also completed day 11 of the Wii 30 day challenge. Yesterday I completed day 10 of the challenge and walked for an hour plus treated myself to a steam bath and sauna. It is a great feeling. I think the best bit was sewing little darts in my trousers to bring them down a size.

I really like myself today…


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