I’m back…

Oh yeah I am back to work, health and battering the hell out of the cardio machines in the gym. I feel different today like I am getting leaner. I wore a pair of jeans I bought a year ago. They were way too tight and I thought I would just get into them eventually. I tried them on last week and yay they don’t fit. WHAT? THEY DON’T FIT… They are too big. 🙂 I can still wear them for a while get use out of them but I don’t think I will get the year out of them. I wore them to work and quite a few people commented on how much weight I had lost. Will I ever stop lapping up the comments? Well yes actually I will. My goal is to get healthy and when I get there I will stop losing weight. I am not addicted to people complimenting me. I do have quite a way to go.

I managed to get my cardio30 done plus an extra 10 minutes. I burned 300 delightful little calories and then did a full set on the weights machine, thighs, bum, arms and back.  I had chickpeas and rice for dinner. I want to save the bean burgers for the weekend so I can have potato wedges with it. I have all the ingredients.

I have a confession to make. At diving club last night among all the young fit boys and girls I sat waiting to meet the rest of the committee and have a talk on the club and diving. As a mature student and one who is overweight I felt very alone. Strangely I didn’t mind too much my time for undergraduate life came and went many years ago. I am happy to skip the pub and come home. I felt a sudden sense of relief when I spied a woman who was around the same size as me. It wasn’t that I was glad there was another big woman but I was happy I was not going to be alone in my size. I know my size will decrease over time. I am already planning my next stone (14lb). Half of which I hope to lose next month. I am on my holidays then so I may relax it a bit. I have activities planned – mountain biking through Kruger National Park, diving in Gt St Lucia Bay and loads of game walks so I am not going to be lying on some beach absorbing ice cream for two weeks. I will have a sad post tomorrow… goodnight x


Imitating a Slug…

well what an absolute crash the gym was today. I think I committed the cardinal sin of exercising too soon after a decent meal. I felt as though I was walking through custard. I had a stomach full of undigested pasta. I managed the 15 minutes on the bike and 6 on the cross trainer. After such a poor performance I thought I would try a session at the weights but only managed a few. I slumped back home feeling rather deflated and a little annoyed with myself. Why the silly reaction? I decided to have the leftover pasta for lunch as I didn’t have any breakfast and tonight I will be home too late to eat it. I have to say it was just as good reheated the next day. Back to my slug-like behaviour. I think a little walk along the beach should be enough for today. I am back at work in the morning. Getting very bored being at home. I have a dive meeting tonight the pool sessions begin next Tuesday. I am going to buy the rest of the ingredients to make the bean burgers tomorrow and have a go. That will be my new meal of the week. I need to fit in a swim before work this week too but I think due to being ill this week I am not going to manage that one. Friday evening is my usual swim date so I will keep to that one. I want to work on swimming the lengths non-stop this time. If I start off with a workout it usually makes me feel energised. I hope this damn bug has gone by then. Off for a stroll along the beach. x


PS. My allotted slot in the bike cage has been assigned so I await my swipe-card in the post. I should be cycling to the train station very soon which means I will be getting home sooner in the evening. Instead of a 15 minute walk it will be a few minutes on my bike.



I have just nipped over to the gym for my 30 minutes of cardio. I managed to burn 300 calories too which I am happy about. I have been off work but think I will be back tomorrow as I feel much better. One of the consequences of being ill is weight loss. I managed to drop another pound. Dinner tonight is going to be feta and oregano pasta bake. I have a really tasty recipe that I have tried earlier which I  enjoyed immensely. The sauna and Jacuzzi were calling my name too so I succumbed and feel much more relaxed. In the health suite today there were three younger lads. They were in the steam room when I went for the Jacuzzi and they all came out and came in the Jacuzzi making me feel incredibly self conscious. I waited it out and then dashed out and into the sauna for a few minutes. I feel much better about my body the way it is leaner and less flabby, stronger and more reliable but they made me hate it again but just for a fleeting moment. The sniggering was directed at me I know that. A small victory for me is the fact I never walked away.  I will never walk away any longer unless my life is in danger of course. Life is there for the living. I know in time I will be slim and it will be for myself not for other people.

See my pasta bake on the recipes page… x

A British Heart…

Yesterday I went downtown I had to sign up at the University diving club, diving starts next week and I am so excited. It took about 15 minutes to register and pay my money. I had a wander around campus and then made my way home. My favourite street in Liverpool is Bold Street and I walk down it to get to the train station. There was a slight air of carnival yesterday with drumming and events. I caught sight of a huge furry red heart with white legs and dinky little red shoes just making its way through the crowd. It was a British Heart Foundation heart and looked so funny just going about the daily business of a heart among the crowd.

I am off work today ill so I have not done my 30 minutes of cardio. I am planning on marking up for it tomorrow with an hours worth. For my new dish this week I am going to make spicy bean burgers. I have a burger press and found a decent looking recipe. I am going to amend it by swapping the breadcrumbs for a spicy couscous mix a friend of mine made once. She took the couscous and cooked it then added sage and onion stuffing to the mix and baked it on a tray.

I have a dive meeting on Wednesday otherwise the week is all mine to choose when I make them. This week I am being as good as possible to get down another 4lb before my trip to South Africa. I do feel the claws of the monster making themselves known so I may be  I bloated for my next weigh in with water retention.

In England and Wales there is a Government consultation about giving obese people incentives (possibly financial) to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. I am going to keep an eye on that one.

There is definitely an air of Autumn today. It is much colder. I am sat on the couch covered by a blanket. I am determined not to have my heating on until the last possible minute. I can see the clothes getting layered.

Back on track tomorrow. x

Onward and downward…

Well I weighed in this morning at 13stone 13lbs (183.8lb) which means I have just managed to shuffle slightly off my plateau. Onward and downward I think. I feel good that I am now a little under 14stone (conversion is 14lb to 1 stone). It is a beautiful bright sunny but cold Saturday morning in Liverpool. My plans for the day are to finish yesterdays dishes and clean my kitchen then make celery soup. I hope it is tasty. Breakfast was lovely this morning and a real treat. I love English muffins.

I am going to nip over to the gym this afternoon to continue with my daily 30minutes. I want to make it a habit. I may not get chance tomorrow as I am out all day.

Have the routine laundry to do and tidy up. I was going to take a trip into town but think I will do it all tomorrow instead. I have to make a holiday list. I love lists.

My thoughts on next weeks goals I would like to achieve:

  1. daily 30. I am going to continue with my 30 minutes of cardio and a few weights sessions.
  2. try a new recipe – maybe butternut lasagne.
  3. eat well all week (habit changing behaviour).
  4. plan my dinners all week (habit changing behaviour).
  5. Swim once before work.
  6. lose 2lb

My local rail network are running a bike scheme at the moment.


They have built secure shelters in most of the stations and for a fee of £5 (for the time it is required so maybe years) a spot is assigned in a secure CCTV monitored cage is available only accessible with a swipe key. I have subscribed to it so I can cycle to the station and home each day. I only live 3 miles away from work (I used to live around the corner but they moved the office) but I have never really wanted to cycle all the way as there is a horrid road full of lorries and huge trucks that I find too stressful to navigate.


Blundellsands rail station.

For your £5 you get a swipe key to open the cage and can choose any of the racks to chain up your bike. In the cage is also a long rack of wire lockers for helmet and such. I have no helmet but as I am cycling to Amsterdam and back next summer for charity I thought I may have to invest in one. I have my eye on a Nutcase helmet and a Polaris cycle shirt to start off my cycling gear.



the shirt comes in blue but I quite like the pink. oh decisions decisions. Maybe I should just get both 🙂

blundellsands4 blundellsands3

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I will let you know what the celery soup was like. x


The soup is in  my recipes section with a few photos I took while cooking it. I managed to find an hour to do my 30 minutes of cardio at the gym burning 300 calories and the weights so have managed to fulfil all my goals set last week. Here is to next week.

Prune skin…

I just finished off a gym session tonight with a swim, Jacuzzi and steam bath. My skin is waterlogged and prune-like. I found the swim was effortless which is great. I am going to increase my distance and try working on my technique. I felt like I was really moving in the water gliding thru stroke after stroke. I had a session on the bike, cross trainer, treadmill and weights before I slipped into the pool. After the celery soup tomorrow I will have achieved all the goals I set myself. I am going to take it easy tomorrow and relax a bit but the choices made about food and exercise will be thoughtful and considered.

Have holiday shopping to do this weekend. The University Diving Club meets on Sunday morning and I think I will nip around town after that and start picking up the things I want to take.

I am having English muffins for breakfast tomorrow, fruit and orange juice.

Tomorrow is my usual weigh day. Will I still be on my plateau? I have tried to celebrate it this week, hated it and shouted at it. I want to move away from it now. I think I have been quite good this week with eating and exercise. We shall see. If I am still there I have resigned myself to it and will celebrate and work harder next week. x

Happy Thursday…

I have just managed to get my allotted time in at the gym. It was ok but the muscle fraternity quotient was quite high tonight. I stayed in the machine room and did treadmill, cross trainer and bike. I also did a quick stint on the weight machine for upper thigh. I am not too keen on hanging around when there are loads of muscle-bound blokes popping pectorals at each other.

I have started to think about habits that have always thrown me back to the start time after time. One of them was to come home after any exercise session thinking I had ‘earned’ food. I came home tonight and just had a cup of tea and water. I had food there I could have eaten but I just decided to work on that habit and try to break it. I was not hungry it was out of habit I reached for a snack.

I have this dreadful habit of having food in the house that is far less than healthy (usually crisps and biscuits). I think I have to eat it all in succession until the whole lot has gone. I am going to tackle that one too. I think I have to question myself more to break the habits.

So far this week I have managed to attain my goals of eating well and exercising. I need to cook a new meal and I was thinking as I have celery in the fridge I could use it to make celery soup. I buy celery to add to my chilli and I always end up binning it. This time I am determined to use it all up. Save a stalk for my chilli and make soup with the rest. The butternut squash lasagne will have to wait till next week.

My kitchen smells delicious tonight. I am making fresh vanilla ice cream on meringue nests for my work colleagues tomorrow. Tonight I heated up the milk with sugar, vanilla bean paste and a split vanilla pod to dissolve the caster sugar. I will leave it overnight to infuse and cool. At work I am going to whip up a pint of double cream. When it reaches the desired consistency the two liquids are added together and churned in an ice-cream machine. 20-30 minutes later the whole lot is put in an icing bag and piped onto the meringue. I think I will sprinkle each one with chopped strawberries… Sounds nice but I won’t be partaking. I have this damn plateau to climb down from and stuffing fresh ice-cream is not the way down. I am a feeder by nature so I take pleasure in other people’s enjoyment of my food. That will be enough for me. x

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