Balance cont…

I managed to attend a gym class this morning. 10am and in the gym on a sunday. It was legs, bums and tums and lasted 45 minutes. I nipped over there after a decent breakfast of bran curls and fresh fruit.  After lunch of tofu salad the wii was calling for my daily workout so I did that too and burned around 200 calories. Must admit it was a bit of a struggle today but only because my energy was low. Still managed it tho.  I have registered for the medium intensity workout. when the 30 day challenge begins again I will go for the high intensity. Used a pile of veggies from the fridge plus tomatoes right off my plant in the garden to make homemade vegetable soup for dinner. It was go good I had two big bowls full.  I am feeling a little obsessed and I have to keep a check on that make sure it doesn’t get out of control.


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