Well 28th August and I can report I have discovered a new balance in my life. Instead of fretting and doing a half assed job of everything I have decided to take it easy and eat as well as I can whilst exercising 30 minutes minimum each day. I often do more than that. I am the proud owner of a wii fit and have bought the EA Personal Trainer game to go with it. Now 3 days into the 30 day challenge I am absolutely aching in my butt and inside upper thighs. I know that came from the lunges and squats. I love the wii fit yoga and muscle work outs but the whole personal trainer thing is much better. No mucking about straight into the sweaty workout with a calorie burning counter which is quite inspiring to not eat crap. Today was my rest day but as it was only day three I wanted to carry on. Food wise I have been having a bit of a day off today and treated myself to chocolate. Back on track tomorrow. Planning on having bran with strawberries, blueberries and cherries for breakfast, tofu salad for lunch and  homemade vegetable soup for dinner.

 I started the year weighing 15 stone 9lbs. The scales this morning told me I was 14 stone 3lbs. How happy was I dancing around the room. I have found that reading other people’s blogs has been quite good as I have a better idea of who is out there and what they have been going through.

 My exercise schedule has been quite lax but there is a new energy in my life and I fully intend making the most of it. My schedule is 30 mins a day plus 1 hour of pilates on a monday, 1 hour aqua aerobics on wednesday and 30 minutes swimming on friday. I will be adding to this. At the end of September I am joining Liverpool University Sub Aqua club so I am working on getting rid of more belly fat and increasing my swimming stamina for that. As the exercise routing increases I am going to make some new pages to reflect my activities and philosophy. xx


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