Holiday mode…

I am getting in holiday mode now with almost 9 weeks to go till I jet off to South Africa for a few weeks. I am going to do a spot of diving and swimming so really looking forward to that. On a good point I am making progress. I have been swimming more and doing aqua aerobics. My diet has improved and I am managing to eat smaller portions which has been good. When I was in work on Friday I felt like my trousers were much bigger than a few days ago. I weighed myself and I had lost 4lb. I have lost a total of 17lb so far this year. I did lose 17lb at my bootcamp in January and February, but then regained 6lb around Easter but I am in the zone now. I want this to be my year. My aqua aerobics teacher has the most fantastic body and I would love to look like her. I probably have too much lose skin to look like that.

 I am going to write down three goals for next week.

  •  I will exercise every day for at least 30 minutes
  • I will continue with my eating plan and add chopped carrots to snack on
  • I will swim 15 lengths at the baths

 What I hope to achieve from this is a 3lb loss taking me to 20lb in total. The big goal is to be under 13stone for my trip. I am currently 14 stone 5lb. I am feeling more positive and happier. xx


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