Well I have been on two bootcamps now. I am going to continue with classes at the gym other than that I have not really thought long term about this for a while. I know I am fed up with carting around the extra flab baggage. Mentally I am feeling ok and I think the exercise has helped with that. I have been swimming on a Friday evening and also going along to aqua aerobics. I have picked up the Pilates class again too. I have been eating really well, drinking loads of water and I can report I have lost 7lbs (half a stone), which is great I  love it. I feel as though I have lost it too. I tried on clothes and they fit better which I am ecstatic about.

  I am off on my holidays again in 11 weeks to the Royal Kingdom of Swaziland. I am hoping to lose 2lb per week till then. It will put me on the cusp of being under 13 stone. I need to take a trip to the shops and get summer trousers while I still can. The plan is eat well and exercise daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. I have a revolving disc I am going to do 10 minutes each morning. I think I will get weighed in the morning and start it tomorrow.


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