Bootcamp II

Well I have been at the new Bootcamp for a week now. I enrolled on a three week bootcamp where each morning at 7am an assembled collection of women sweat it out for an hour before work. We have sunday off this weekend so I have been enjoying my day. I weighed in at the beginning of the week at 14stone 11lb. I am going to wait till the end of the bootcamp to weigh in again. I have set myslf a goal to be under 14stone by the end of July. I am off to South Africa in October so I want to be a little thinner. It has been a number of years since I was under 14 stone so that alone is going to be something to celebrate. I have decided to not buy any new clothes until I have to. I waste my money on stuff that does not fit or I won’t wear so I want to make my way thru the stuff I have in my wardrobe. I need to save up for my trip anyway.

 I have been eating really well this week with fruit salad and granola for breakfast, home made veggie soup for lunch and a decent dinner. No crap just good stuff. I have enjoyed it and have planned for next weeks food already. Planning is the only way I think to make sure I don’t falter.


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