Summer looms…

well it is finally May and the weather is beginning to warm up a little. there is more sun about and I am starting to feel a bit brighter. I am off to America in 11 days and really looking forward to seeing my old friends again. it is 14 years since I lived there and I have never made the journey back. I promise now I will not leave it that long again. On the weight loss front I have managed to maintain my weight loss tho I fear it is creeping back. I am craving sugar again which is not a good sign. I have neglected my gym visits and not sure why. I guess I am not motivated to go at all. I really need to kick it up a notch. This year has to be my year for getting fit and healthy. My skin care routine has halted and I have noticed that the dry skin has come back . My arms are flabby and I feel totally sluggish. The plan for the next week is to detox off the crap and increase my water. half an hour in the gym each day to try to get my motivation fired up. I have even dug out my ipod. Hopefully that will keep me there for the minimum. Planning the food for a week is going to be key. I think it is going to be quite a bit of soup, pasta, veg and fruit.  I wish it wasnt such a bloody struggle.

 the dreaded wardrobe trawl will have to happen soon I have it full of clothes that I have never worn and some I have never taken the tag off. I need to get rid of physical baggage as well as mental baggage. I need to look at what makes me unique and embrace that and value myself.


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