Easter over with…

Well It has been a while since I last posted. Life has been moving along. I have made a few minor discoveries this past few weeks. I turned 43 last week and went out for a meal with friends. The obligatory photos were taken and I saw them after a few days. One thing struck me – I didn’t recoil from seeing myself. Sure I thought I was really big but I didn’t feel I was ugly. I think as I have lost weight from my face I don’t feel as bloated-looking as I usually do.

Bootcamp finished two weeks ago. I didn’t subscribe for the next one but will for the one following that. I managed to lose 16lb and measured myself at the beginning and the end. I had lost 17inches off my whole body. I felt fabulous too. I have been rather naughty tho and not been to the gym as much as I ought to. I did, however, take the plunge and went swimming. I have been to three women only sessions. After the first I gasped for hours after managing 6 lengths of the pool, the second week I managed 10 lengths but the last one I managed 16 lengths. I have made a life list and swimming is up there in the guise of ‘complete a triathlon’. I am feeling different now in my attitude and happiness. I feel the veil of sadness is beginning to lift so I am now ready to put this blog out there. I will write more regularly and have decided to really go for this weightloss 100%. I hope I can find support. I will put photos on I did a set of ‘Before’ photos in my undies which is rather a shock to me but its not a sugar coated half hidden attempt its a full on belly fat shot. I am looking forward to it…


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