Well I have been to bootcamp for two weeks now. We have a 1 hour session on a Tuesday and the same on Thursday. I have also been following the detox. In between I have managed to get to the gym for between 30 minutes and an hour. I weighed in today and I had lost 4lb. I am very pleased with that. I am hoping to be under the 15 stone mark when I next get weighed in another two weeks. I treated myself to some chocolate and I have to say it was way too sweet. On the detox I was to stay off the caffeine, bread, chocolate, MSG, trans fats, sweeteners and a few others which I managed quite well I think. I had a cup of Early Grey this morning and didn’t really think too much of it. I guess I am weaning myself off the crap.

 I have made a fruit salad jelly for tonight to have after dinner.  There is roast carrot soup at some point this weekend and a trip or two to the gym. I do want to get there more regularly. I am going to begin swimming before work each morning.  Monday I have a training day in Leeds so the following week I am back to pilates class. I can report I am feeling much better and a little happier. x


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