The Caribbean

Its been a few weeks since my first post but I have been living it up in the Caribbean. I went 1 stone (14lbs) lighter than I had been at the beginning of the year and I went for it. I donned a swimsuit and took to the water. Who couldn’t with the water so deliciously blue. I also swam at the hotel in the outdoor pool and we took a trip to Cayo Macho where the diving and snorkeling are great fun.

I gained 2lb on my holiday but tomorrow is Saturday so I am back on the wagon. I have also decided to start running next week. I have my pilates class on Monday and then on the Tuesday I am going to begin my running schedule. I am going to follow the BUPA running plan. I have a new shock absorbing sports bra to enjoy.

I continue to feel overwhelmed by the fat I have to lose and being the wrong side of 40 (is there a right side!) it feels even more of a struggle. I have written down my goals and what I want to achieve and it does help to look back on it to identify what I want from my body.

I aimed to lose 8lb this month and I have to admit I have not managed it. The goal for March is to lose 8lb also so I am going to really work at that one. I don’t have any holidays planned to sabotage it. Official weight day is tomorrow.


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