How it all started…

Having been overweight for the greater part of my adult life I sit here before you a changed woman. At 41 (soon to be 42) and 14 stone (196lb) in weight I am a salad dodger no more. In the last 7 weeks I have lost my first stone and my weightloss is on the slow down. I have aimed for 2lb per week. I should achieve my goals this year. My mantra – Be Divine in 2009 spurs me on.

Let me put you in the picture. I tried Weight Watchers and Slimming World, going it alone and numerous weighloss resources online and I lost about a stone each time, lost interest and gained it all back plus more. My clothes were tight and I would often wear the same pair of trousers each day until they wore at the crotch. I would mend them and start the hunt for the next pair. At a Slimming World meeting last year one of the other inmates brought in a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. I ordered a copy and read it in one night. Shauna has her own amazing website I was so inspired I decided to have another go. I admit it was half hearted and following a home move I piled on more weight than ever. I now lived a few doors from the gym and right on the beach so I had opportunities to get fit, I just never took them.

At Christmas 2008 I fell foul of that terrible flu and spent the holiday in bed. When I come through it I was faced with a huge pile of chocolate and goodies on the table and I felt I didn’t want it. I decided to wait till I felt like eating it rather than bolting it down in one sitting. It is still there, I never ate it. So now here I am 7 weeks later and a stone (14b) lighter.

 It feels different this time. I have allowed myself to eat whatever I want but I just don’t want it. I make a menu plan and together with my housemate we get through the week eating decent healthy food.

I have begun this blog to get my thoughts out of my head and into the ether. Its weigh-day tomorrow. I have been busy in the gym so I am hoping for a loss. I will be here in the morning to et you know how I managed.


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